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Our Logo is a compass rose

Pathfinder CRM adopted a version of the late medieval compass rose for its logo. Long before the magnetic compass appeared in the West, cartographers customarily drew an ornamented compass rose (also known as a wind rose, from the French rose des vents) on their portolan charts to help orient the user. The names of the thirty-two points of the compass were not standardized until the modern era: our compass rose shows the eight major wind directions or "rhumbs" and the Italian names by which they were known to mariners in the Mediterranean circa 1500.

  • North is indicated by the traditional fleur de lis (chosen for its religious connotation with the Virgin Mary, not its association with French royalty) and spear symbol above the letter "T" (for Tramontana, from the Latin trans montana)
  • East is marked with a Maltese cross (an allusion to the direction of the Holy Land)
  • Northeast bearing is represented by the initial "G" (Griego)
  • Southeast by "S" (Syrroccho, the Italian variant of the Arabic scirocco)
  • South by "O" (Ostro)
  • Southwest by "A" (Africus)
  • West by "P" (Ponente)
  • And Northwest by "M" (Maestro)

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